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Congratulations to all of you for rebuilding PEACE +Disease-Free World

Come & Share to improve your Physical-Mental+Spiritual Health

including humankind +environment.

Contact & Visit us----

e-mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it WEB : drpareshmajumder.com

Learn advices one day & follow always, you'll be better Life-long with all.

Arsenic +Other Chemical contamination into our all foods are the delivery-room

of All diseases in our body+mind+spirit, Take care of your 'triple Health' properly.

Women+Girl HealthCare is the most important HealthCare for greater interest of Mankind

& their next Generation.

Try to improve your Physical, Mental +Spiritual Health

based on "Total Health Solution" removing all ignorance +evilness

"No Diseases shall attack you"

You can adopt one or more therapy/treatment to solve the all sorts of Diseases

1. Conventional or allopathic medicines- such as regular Healthcare +medication with more

silent side effects---known +unknown.

2. Homoeopathic medicines : such as fixed time medication upto 6 months +regular Healthcare

with no side effects in future or in the long run.

3. Bio-Chemic Medicines : such as 6 months medication through 6 follow-up +regular Healthcare

with no side effects & 99.9% warranty if you follow Health Rules LIFE-long.

4. Homoeopathy+Bio-chemic: Such as 5 months medication +regular Healthcare for life-long warranty

if you follow the Health-Consciousness rule always.

5. Potentized-Herbal : Such as 6 months medication +regular Healthcare to meet the same

avoiding health-damaging causes regularly, life-long.

6. Food+Nutrient Therapy: Regular Health-Consciousness with balanced food-drinks-medicines to absorb

into your body+mind with regular Personalcare by the advices of DOCTOR.

7. "Health-Membership" for pre-marriage 'Healthcare-Insurance' at Health-Conscious Society





We’re updating our WEB regularly from now

for the greater interest of

Humankind, Environment & next generation

to rebuild PEACE-Truth-Unity-Global friendship-


assuring the Physical-mental & Spiritual Health of

everybody universe-wide at one Platform,

removing all sorts of ignorance-evilness-violation

from+++++based on



Please send your valuable opinion through

our e-mail to serve all of you




From the Desk of-------Dr. Paresh  Chandra Majumder







  • Congratulations. Thanks to all you like. We are for all, All are for us to share what to do for us & for next generation, to reach our human goal. Friendship can do everything for rebuilding PEACE removing all ignorance +evilness all over the world. Friendship is a touch of hope to do the best for mankind. So come & share what can we do for mankind & their rights improving their physical, mental & spiritual health based on "Total Health Solution". Thanks again for going ahead for mankind +PEACE more than heaven all over the world/universe. Please surprise all we can do more than other for all improving triple health around the world. Go ahead ensuring the meaning of "Total Health Solution" for All to do the best. Go ahead with faith, then you will see the light of hope +truth..........I hope a difference call us always to celebrate truth, but we can't understand what to do in response.....Please send your opinion if possible...




Frequently Asked Questions About Telemedicine Services



Who should seek our treatment?

We are offering Advanced Bio-Homoepathy as a serious alternative to mainstream medicine. Its mainly focused on diseases that are very challenging to the services of medical world. However, our experience with the patient's "Total Health Solution" enable us to treat with a very high degree of success all types of diseases+disorders starting from the common uneasiness or fever to cancer +AIDS.

  • Those who feel that the current state of the art in conventional medicine accessible to them is inadequate to deal with your condition.
  • If you feel that applying the conventional options would have profound side-effects.
  • Those who want to avoid surgery - whether it is a minor one like Tonsilitis or something more serious like Ovarian cyst.
  • If you want to avail of completely side-effect free treatment
  • If the patient is not able to undergo the conventional treatment options like Chemotherapy or Surgery on account of his/her health condition
  • If you have decided to go for Homoeopathic treatment and want the most experienced and well proven healthcare in the subject worldwide. Who also have the expertise to deliver the treatment swiftly using Tele-medicine anywhere in the world.

How the telemedicine service exactly works?

  • The Tele-medicine services works mainly over the Internet.
  • There could be a situation where if the doctor needs to seek some clarification to help him close the information gap, he might make a phone call.
  • Once the treatment strategy has been decided a small kit of medicines is provided to the patient.
  • This kit contains most of the medicines that the patient might need to deal with emergencies or specific conditions that may arise during the course of the treatment - like pains, bleeding, etc.
  • As soon as the patient receives the medicines instructions for using the same are provided by email. The patient keeps reporting back her/his conditions and accordingly instructions for which medicines to use and how are provided.
  • The response time is usually a few hours and under extremely rare situations upto 48 hours.

What is the process for Tele-medicine registration?

The registration process for telemedicine is very simple. You just need to fill in the consultation form and pay the required fee. Please go to 'Consult us' to fill the consultation form. Once we receive the filled form and the respective fee, we will create a case file for you on our database.

What is the consultation fee?

We offer 4 different packages to suit your need, so that you can avail the most cost-effective treatment based on your requirement.

One Time Consultation:

This package costs $30.00 in USD  and is valid only for one consultation and it is not valid for critical diseases.

Six Months Unlimited Consultation for non-critical diseases:

This package costs  and is valid for a period of Six Months. You can avail any number of consultations, for any health problems over a period of Six Months. You can avail the best homoeopathic treatment in the world for just about month.

Six Months Unlimited Consultation for critical diseases:

This package costs  per month.

One Year Unlimited Consultation for non-critical diseases :

This package costs  per month.

One Year Unlimited Consultation for critical diseases :

This package costs month.

Six Months Unlimited Bangladesh/India Package for non-critical diseases:

This package costs .

Six Months Unlimited Bangladesh/India Package for critical diseases:

This package costs .

One Year Unlimited Bangladesh/India Package for non-critical diseases:

This package costs Bangladesh.

One Year Unlimited Bangladesh/India Package for critical diseases:

This package costs Bangladesh.

Note: Prices in USD, GBP and EURO are only indicative and may vary due to fluctuations in the rate of exchange.


How will I receive my medicines?

The medicines will be delivered from one of our centres in

Within Bangladesh, the medicines will be shipped through  wherever they operate, and through alternative couriers where they dont operate.

What are the payment terms and conditions?

  • The payment should be made in full at the time of registration for the package opted by you.
  • Payment once made is non-refundable.

What are the various payment methods available?

We only accept online credit card or debit card payments. You can pay online using the secure PayPal gateway. Once you fill the consultation form you will be taken to the payment page to finish your registration.

On the payment page choose the payment button, based on your choice of package to make your payment.

For patients residing in Bangladesh

For patients residing in other countries, in addition to the credit card option we can also provide other payment methods based on the case. Please get in touch with us for more details.

Please note that the registration for Tele-medicine will be complete only after realization of payment.

Will the consultation fee include the cost for medicines?

No, the consultation fee does not include the cost for medicines s we charge you only for medicines needed by you. The cost for medicines, along with the shipping and packaging charge will be notified to you based on your prescription after your consultation.

How can I contact you for follow-on consultation?

You can contact us for any follow-on consultation by sending us an email or calling our contact centre through skype (if you have any skype account or make a skype account within a minute Free).

What do I do if I run out of my medicines or How can I order for a refill?

You can order  by sending an email or calling our contact centre through Skype (if you have any skype account or make a skype account within a minute Free). .

Whom do I contact if I have a problem with payment?

If you have a problem with payment, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and you will get a response within 12 hours.



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