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Congratulations to all of you for rebuilding PEACE +Disease-Free World

Come & Share to improve your Physical-Mental+Spiritual Health

including humankind +environment.

Contact & Visit us----

e-mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it WEB : drpareshmajumder.com

Learn advices one day & follow always, you'll be better Life-long with all.

Arsenic +Other Chemical contamination into our all foods are the delivery-room

of All diseases in our body+mind+spirit, Take care of your 'triple Health' properly.

Women+Girl HealthCare is the most important HealthCare for greater interest of Mankind

& their next Generation.

Try to improve your Physical, Mental +Spiritual Health

based on "Total Health Solution" removing all ignorance +evilness

"No Diseases shall attack you"

You can adopt one or more therapy/treatment to solve the all sorts of Diseases

1. Conventional or allopathic medicines- such as regular Healthcare +medication with more

silent side effects---known +unknown.

2. Homoeopathic medicines : such as fixed time medication upto 6 months +regular Healthcare

with no side effects in future or in the long run.

3. Bio-Chemic Medicines : such as 6 months medication through 6 follow-up +regular Healthcare

with no side effects & 99.9% warranty if you follow Health Rules LIFE-long.

4. Homoeopathy+Bio-chemic: Such as 5 months medication +regular Healthcare for life-long warranty

if you follow the Health-Consciousness rule always.

5. Potentized-Herbal : Such as 6 months medication +regular Healthcare to meet the same

avoiding health-damaging causes regularly, life-long.

6. Food+Nutrient Therapy: Regular Health-Consciousness with balanced food-drinks-medicines to absorb

into your body+mind with regular Personalcare by the advices of DOCTOR.

7. "Health-Membership" for pre-marriage 'Healthcare-Insurance' at Health-Conscious Society



We’re updating our WEB regularly from now

for the greater interest of

Humankind, Environment & next generation

to rebuild PEACE-Truth-Unity-Global friendship-


assuring the Physical-mental & Spiritual Health of

everybody universe-wide at one Platform,

removing all sorts of ignorance-evilness-violation

from+++++based on



Please send your valuable opinion through

our e-mail to serve all of you









iI assure, all are our Partner to do the best for All. We are for all, all are for us. All Physicians, Researchers, Chemist & Druggists, Lab-technicians, medical-technicians, Health-consultants, Health-advisers, Nurses, Medical workers, including our well-wishers are our Partner. They work always for the welfare of human beings including all living +non-living objects.


Above all, our all Patients always are our partner to do the best for them. In every step of LIFE revival, who come to assist as a friend are our Partner also.


All govt., non-govt.,NGO's with all sorts of medical personnel irrespective of allopathy, homoeopathy, bio-chemist, physiotherapist,psychotherapist, Counsellor, naturopathist, Yogist, etc. are our Partner for triple health welfare to rebuild PEACE more than NOW removing all ignorance +evilness.


Long-live to all. Be happy.

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Email : dr.pareshmajumder@gmail.com 
Web : drpareshmajumder.com

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