The Web is Underconstruction * We are Going to ahead for your online health services and Telemedicines as early as possible * Know more about Arsenicosis+Other Chemical Poisoning into our body Through Food Drinks-Medicine * Take Health Care from us-For more Benefit * Help ARSENICOSSIS-affected Patient for saving you + next Generation---Everyone may affected by ARSENICOSSIS from Food—Drinks-Natural sources & Medicines. Autism is a Natural CHANGE through Chromosome please take care of your Physical-Mental-Spiritual Health properly before/after Marriage. Then No Autistic Child in the World. We can take care of Autistic Children for cure. Obey Health Guideline—Introduce a Disease risk free + long live active Generation world wide by “Total Health Solution” removing ignorance +evilness.

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Before e-mail us, please fill the following FORM for restore your Physical-Mental+Spiritual Health based on “Total Health Solution” removing all sorts of contamination from our Food-Drinks-Medicine +other Chemical malnutrition into our Body +Mind.


You/All of you can adopt our Online Medical Services +Telemedicine Consultation

+Advices in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1 :

Draft your problems +symptoms (common & uncommon) with physical +mental worriness you suffer always +periodically (time to time, season-wise, trauma etc.)

Step 2 :

Go to following FORM to fill your details health problems

Step 3:

Make your payment or any other equivalent

Step 4:

Receive Consultation on E-mail or Phone and Medicines through Courier/other equivalent anywhere in the World

Step 5:

Take smilingly our Continuous Support of advices, counseling, Daily Health Tips through WEB, News letter, “Total Health Solution” guide throughout the duration of the treatment by E-mail, Web, Facebook and Phone as is being done for our “Total Health Solution” +Cancer with all cancerous abnormalities, Brain+spine Tumour, Heart Disease +High BP, Diabetics, Kidney trouble+Renal Failure, Thalassemia +otherBlood diseases and other similarly *Critical physical +mental health affected patients in all countries of the world including and of course everywhere in Bangladesh +India.

Consultation + “Total Health Solution” Packages Available

One Time Consultation

Six(6) Months Consultation/Counselling for Non-Critical Diseases

Six(6) Months Consultation

/Counselling for Critical Diseases

One Year Consultation

/Counselling for Non-Critical Diseases

One Year “Total Healt Solution” for Critical Diseases

Patients residing in Bangladesh / India Discounted BD Rate

Tk. 1000

Tk. 4000



Tk. 11000

Patients Residing Elsewhere in the World

$ 30 USD




€ 25 EUR

$ 100 USD




€ 76 EUR

$ 250 USD


ÂŁ 120 GBP


€ 140 EUR

$ 270 USD


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€ 150 EUR

$ 450 USD


ÂŁ 250 GBP


€ 300 EUR

*Critical: Cancers +related all abnormalities, Brain Tumours, Kidney +Renal Failure, Heart Diseases +High BP, Brain+Spine & other neurological sufferings, Liver +other hepato organs disorder, Infertility of both sexes, Diabetics, Rheumatism + Arthritis, All sorts of Female Diseases, rare diseases like genetic disorder based abnormality of physio-mental Change and birth /congenital defects.

** One/Single Time Consultation/Advices is NOT applicable for Critical Disorder.

On line Health Services/Telemedicine Consultation Form

  • Use this form only if you are contacting us for the first time or any unavoidable circumstances.
  • If you are an existing patient and are having any queries, please contact us through email- This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , facebook (if any obstacle arise), Web or mobile



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History of your former health-care for the diseases you suffer from (If Any) Please Write Down:


Name of Allopathic/ conventional/Herbal/other medicines used for your diseases:


Do you suffer from following Diseases before(If Any) Please Write Down:


Pathological Reports (If Any) Please Write Down:


Imaging Reports (If Any) Please Write Down:


History of your parentÂ’s Diseases/ Health Problems they suffer from (If Any) Please Write Down:


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***Second Steps of Patient Management +treatment

Case History of a patient suffering from Chronic/Acute diseases sudden/periodically/season-wise

Name of Diseases referred by:

a. Location of the diseases:

b. Aggravation & amelioration of the diseases:

d. Totality of diseases:

e. Causes of the diseases v

f. Genetic complexities :

g. Mal-treatment :

h. History of acquired diseases :

i. Nutritional abnormalities :

j. Food-behavior :

k. Social environment :

l. Environmental responses :

m. Arsenic +other chemical contamination :

n. Infectious complexities :

o. Thirst, Appetite, Test-feeling :

p. Stool, Urine, Perspiration, Sputum, Body-odor :

q. Fever, Periodic Fever(Day/Night/Special time), Headache +Periodic Headache & Body Pain :

r. Orthopaedic & Traumetic History :

s. Physio-therapy, Psychotherapy & any other therapy/treatment follwed by patient Now :


Face :

Eye :


Mouth cavity:









a. Pituitary :

b. Thyroid :

c. Adrenal :

d. Other :

Upper extremities :

Lower extremities :

Chest :

Stomach :

Elementary Canal :

Reproductive System :

Cardiovascular System :

Respiratory System :

Glandular System :

Hormonal dis-order :

Lymphatic System :

Skin abnormalities :

Finger +Nail abnormalities

Nervous System :

Intelectuality +Memory & behavioral abnprmalities :

Skeletal +bone abnormalities:

Pathological Reports :

Imaging Reports :

PatientÂ’s opinion :

FriendÂ’s opinion :

GuardianÂ’s opinion :

Nurse opinion :

History of other treatment

a. Allopathic :

b. Surgery :

c. Herbal :

d. Supplementary :

e. Homoeopathic :

f. Acupuncture :

g. Other :

DoctorÂ’s observation :

DoctorÂ’s Check-up :

DoctorÂ’s Comment :