The Web is Underconstruction * We are Going to ahead for your online health services and Telemedicines as early as possible * Know more about Arsenicosis+Other Chemical Poisoning into our body Through Food Drinks-Medicine * Take Health Care from us-For more Benefit * Help ARSENICOSSIS-affected Patient for saving you + next Generation---Everyone may affected by ARSENICOSSIS from FoodóDrinks-Natural sources & Medicines. Autism is a Natural CHANGE through Chromosome please take care of your Physical-Mental-Spiritual Health properly before/after Marriage. Then No Autistic Child in the World. We can take care of Autistic Children for cure. Obey Health GuidelineóIntroduce a Disease risk free + long live active Generation world wide by ďTotal Health SolutionĒ removing ignorance +evilness.

Mother-- Main part of everyone

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Welcome to Dr. Paresh Majumder's Website
Daily Health Tips PDF Print E-mail

Daily Health Tips


Congratulations to all of you for rebuilding PEACE +Disease-Free World

Come & Share to improve your Physical-Mental+Spiritual Health

including humankind +environment.

Contact & Visit us----

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Learn advices one day & follow always, you'll be better Life-long with all.

Arsenic +Other Chemical contamination into our all foods are the delivery-room

of All diseases in our body+mind+spirit, Take care of your 'triple Health' properly.

Women+Girl HealthCare is the most important HealthCare for greater interest of Mankind

& their next Generation.

Try to improve your Physical, Mental +Spiritual Health

based on "Total Health Solution" removing all ignorance +evilness

"No Diseases shall attack you"

You can adopt one or more therapy/treatment to solve the all sorts of Diseases

1. Conventional or allopathic medicines- such as regular Healthcare +medication with more

silent side effects---known +unknown.

2. Homoeopathic medicines : such as fixed time medication upto 6 months +regular Healthcare

with no side effects in future or in the long run.

3. Bio-Chemic Medicines : such as 6 months medication through 6 follow-up +regular Healthcare

with no side effects & 99.9% warranty if you follow Health Rules LIFE-long.

4. Homoeopathy+Bio-chemic: Such as 5 months medication +regular Healthcare for life-long warranty

if you follow the Health-Consciousness rule always.

5. Potentized-Herbal : Such as 6 months medication +regular Healthcare to meet the same

avoiding health-damaging causes regularly, life-long.

6. Food+Nutrient Therapy: Regular Health-Consciousness with balanced food-drinks-medicines to absorb

into your body+mind with regular Personalcare by the advices of DOCTOR.

7. "Health-Membership" for pre-marriage 'Healthcare-Insurance' at Health-Conscious Society



Pre- Marriage Health-Consciousness


Pre- Marriage Health-Consciousness is a key-theme to save our NEXT Generation from so many Fatal-Chronic-Genetic diseases such as Autism, Obesity, Thalessamia, High Blood Pressure, Diabetics, AIDS, Cancer, Chronic Liver diseases, Mental Disorder, Mal-absorption etc.


Be alert, save your next Generation from AUTISM. Autism is a neuro-congenital disorder of Human Body-Mind-Spirit. Day by day our present generation are going to a unknown Goal os meritlessness through mal-nutritional +mal-absorptional condition of food-drinks-air-medicine into our body +mind. So our next generation shake their Total LIFE through AUTISTIC behavior. Arsenic +other chemical contamination into our Body +Mind responsible for Chromosomal CHANGE in favor of AUTISM. Varieties of Physical, Mental and behavioral Menifestation of a AUTISTIC Children or individuals attract us to attend their abnormalities.

So, to assure the treatment of such abnormalities from us +next Generation, I like to introduce all of you, please come & share what can I do the best for humankind to treat them properly. I'm sure every autistic parents suffer more than hell to manage their Children. Presently, all sorts of training-based autistic rehabilitation aren't the treatment of AUTISM or their return to a normal LIFE. They are completely a burden of their parent, relatives +society. But some of them may work a little by such kind of training-based rehabilitational academic courses I assure most of them your CHILDREN must revive within 3/4 years treatment courses of neuro-genetical.abnormalities minimum 50% to 70%.

We have so many steps of treatment to back them assured normalities.

1. Food

2. Exercise

3. Physiotherapy

4. Psychotherapy

5. Vitamin+Mineral suppliment

6. Soul-touch Counselling

7. Planned Biochemic Medicine

8. Potentized Medicine

9. Homoeopathic Medicine

!0. behavioral Training, etc.


I'm sure you'll get result within three months...then your hope make your children happier to do the best....




CLEANLINESS : means we are alive properly to do the best everywhere. So there is no alternative & best way for saving the health of Body+Mind. As a human being--we need more cleanliness for alive in the world. Exercise is needful for health but after a while we need proper cleanliness to restore Health. Cleanliness is a most cheapest way to alive disease risk-free -- everyone support it easily....Take regular bath with washing of extremities 3/4 times daily. Take regular care of teeth-hands--legs-fingers-nails--hairs-nose-eyes--ears-mouths-tounges-anal-urinal orifices regularly including clothings & other requirements.

We must take our staple foods-drinks clean environments. We will never disease-free cause of regular cleanless requirements. Everything is complementary of each other into our daily requirements. Different kind of physical-mental+environmental cleanlessness make our ill respectively. we never hope to be ill consciously though our environmental pollution make us ill day by day. Human being try to their level best to be disease-free & healthy from the very begining of civilization +culture. Cleanliness is a main objects of better living in the world. we proceede one step then unknown terms back us two steps. To treat any disease properly we need medicines including cleanliness. So, give an attention for daily health-saving cleanliness. Cleanliness restore all sorts of happiness required in our Human LIFE.


Tooth Washing


Tooth-washing is a most important part of our Health-Care. Generally we wash our tooth in the morning regularly. But we should wash our tooth 3/4 times daily after+before taking any food. so we must be conscious to clean our theeth properly for a healthy body+mind in our LIFE. irregular cleaning of tooth causes Cancer of Mouth-cavity, jaw, Gums, tongue & throat also.

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Try to improve your Physical, Mental +Spiritual Health;

"No Diseases shall attack you"

Health +Gender PDF Print E-mail

Gender issues & Physio-mental Health--

Learn advices one day & follow always, you'll be better Life-long with all.

Women+Girl HealthCare is the most important HealthCare for greater interest of Mankind & their next Generation.



Gender is a theme to dignify the role of women +girl in the eye of TRUTH +PEACE

in our society properly.


Vaccination+++ PDF Print E-mail

Try to improve your Physical, Mental +Spiritual Health

"No Diseases shall attack You"


Vaccination is the administration of antigenic material (a vaccine) to stimulate adaptive immunity to a disease. Vaccines can prevent or ameliorate the effects of infection by many pathogens. There is strong evidence for the efficacy of many vaccines, such as the influenza vaccine,[1] the HPV vaccine[2] and the chicken pox vaccine[3] among others. Vaccination is generally considered to be the most effective method of preventing infectious diseases. The material administered can either be live but weakened forms of pathogens (bacteria or viruses), killed or inactivated forms of these pathogens, or purified material such as proteins.