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Though Health is Wealth yet It has Physical-Mental-Spiritual & etc. BASICs to evaluate properly both Separately and Mixed Forms where so many troubles reflect periodically without notices & hidden causes are working always POSSIBLY with Latent Hints.

From wikipedia & other reliable sources (Poets, Writers, Thinkers, Researchers, Free Lancers, Philosophers, Theologists, Scientists, Orators, Sociologists and Photographers +Artists-Musicians & UN etc.) we can learn as follows : 

Images of the molecular structures of a saturated fatty acid, unsaturated fatty acid, triglyceride, steroid, and phospholipid.Chemical structures of starch, glycogen, cellulose, and chitin.

Diagram of a methane molecule.Illustration of spheres of hydration around sodium and chlorine ions.Part A shows the lattice-like molecular structure of ice. Part B is a photo of ice on water.Picture of oil in water.Diagram showing hydrogen bonds formed between adjacent water molecules.Diagram shows electron transfer between elements.Periodic table of elements.



COMMENTS FROM Dr. P. C. Majumder (- Author. Writer, Humanist, Physician (Physico-Mental & Spiritual) and Cosmopolitan Researcher in favor of ALL-CREATION Universally RESIDE++++ in positive ways for universal UNITY & LOVE++++)  as follows: 

1. There is an "universal question" what is Life, Bodies, Minds & Consciousness of living and non-living Objects & Creations around, including their individual Chemistry they acquired +Carried from Nature where existence occur? Actually, in real sense of present human races- Considerarations and Logics through understanding from Scholars and Scientists everywhere located in the earth are the very permutated combinations of organic +inorganic substances arranged naturally known and unknown ways.  

2. Our all innovations & discoveries go ahead with some basics which assist scholars to evaluate +formulate the accurate structural behavior in favor or disfavor of us including greater NATURE Everywhere to everyone+++. Astronomically, Huble telescope to James webb telescope in both earth +space help scientists +researchers to odserve, evaluate & formulate the Natural FACTS and TRUTH accurately through possible ranges+.


We're for all- ALL are for us for the greater interest of Humanism-Truth-Facts-Friendship-Unity-Participation to a Well-furnished GOAL of Truth from which all shall have ++++;

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