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''Breast cancer is cancer that develops from breast tissue.[7] Signs of breast cancer may include a lump in the breast, a change in breast shape, dimpling of the skin, milk rejection, fluid coming from the nipple, a newly inverted nipple, or a red or scaly patch of skin.[1] In those with distant spread of the disease, there may be bone pain, swollen lymph nodesshortness of breath, or yellow skin.[8]

Risk factors for developing breast cancer include obesity, a lack of physical exercisealcoholismhormone replacement therapy during menopauseionizing radiation, an early age at first menstruation, having children late in life or not at all, older age, having a prior history of breast cancer, and a family history of breast cancer.[1][2] About 5–10% of cases are the result of a genetic predisposition inherited from a person's parents,[1] including BRCA1 and BRCA2 among others.[1] Breast cancer most commonly develops in cells from the lining of milk ducts and the lobules that supply these ducts with milk.[1] Cancers developing from the ducts are known as ductal carcinomas, while those developing from lobules are known as lobular carcinomas.[1] There are more than 18 other sub-types of breast cancer.[2] Some, such as ductal carcinoma in situ, develop from pre-invasive lesions.[2] The diagnosis of breast cancer is confirmed by taking a biopsy of the concerning tissue.[1] Once the diagnosis is made, further tests are done to determine if the cancer has spread beyond the breast and which treatments are most likely to be effective.[1]

The balance of benefits versus harms of breast cancer screening is controversial. A 2013 Cochrane review found that it was unclear if mammographic screening does more harm than good, in that a large proportion of women who test positive turn out not to have the disease.[9] A 2009 review for the US Preventive Services Task Force found evidence of benefit in those 40 to 70 years of age,[10] and the organization recommends screening every two years in women 50 to 74 years of age.[11] The medications tamoxifen or raloxifene may be used in an effort to prevent breast cancer in those who are at high risk of developing it.[2] Surgical removal of both breasts is another preventive measure in some high risk women.[2] In those who have been diagnosed with cancer, a number of treatments may be used, including surgery, radiation therapychemotherapyhormonal therapy, and targeted therapy.[1] Types of surgery vary from breast-conserving surgery to mastectomy.[12][13] Breast reconstruction may take place at the time of surgery or at a later date.[13] In those in whom the cancer has spread to other parts of the body, treatments are mostly aimed at improving quality of life and comfort.[13]

Outcomes for breast cancer vary depending on the cancer type, the extent of disease, and the person's age.[13] The five-year survival rates in England and the United States are between 80 and 90%.[14][4][5] In developing countries, five-year survival rates are lower.[2] Worldwide, breast cancer is the leading type of cancer in women, accounting for 25% of all cases.[15] In 2018, it resulted in 2 million new cases and 627,000 deaths.[16] It is more common in developed countries[2] and is more than 100 times more common in women than in men.[14][17]


Drinking alcoholic beverages increases the risk of breast cancer, even among very light drinkers (women drinking less than half of one alcoholic drink per day).[48] The risk is highest among heavy drinkers.[50] Globally, about one in 10 cases of breast cancer is caused by women drinking alcoholic beverages.[50] Drinking alcoholic beverages is among the most common modifiable risk factors.[51]

The correlation between obesity and breast cancer is anything but linear. Studies show that those who rapidly gain weight in adulthood are at higher risk than those who have been overweight since childhood. Likewise excess fat in the midsection seems to induce a higher risk than excess weight carried in the lower body. This implies that the food one eats is of greater importance than one's BMI.[52] Dietary factors that may increase risk include a high-fat diet[53] and obesity-related high cholesterol levels.[54][55] Dietary iodine deficiency may also play a role.[56] Evidence for fiber is unclear. A 2015 review found that studies trying to link fiber intake with breast cancer produced mixed results.[57] In 2016, a tentative association between low fiber intake during adolescence and breast cancer was observed.[58]

Smoking tobacco appears to increase the risk of breast cancer, with the greater the amount smoked and the earlier in life that smoking began, the higher the risk.[59] In those who are long-term smokers, the relative risk is increased 35% to 50%.[59]

A lack of physical activity has been linked to about 10% of cases.[60] Sitting regularly for prolonged periods is associated with higher mortality from breast cancer. The risk is not negated by regular exercise, though it is lowered.[61]

Hormone therapy to treat menopause is also associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.[62] The use of hormonal birth control does not cause breast cancer for most women;[63] if it has an effect, it is small (on the order of 0.01% per user–year; comparable to the rate of maternal mortality in the United States[64]), temporary, and offset by the users' significantly reduced risk of ovarian and endometrial cancers.[64] Among those with a family history of breast cancer, use of modern oral contraceptives does not appear to affect the risk of breast cancer.[65] It is less certain whether hormonal contraceptives could increase the already high rates of breast cancer in women with mutations in the breast cancer susceptibility genes BRCA1 or BRCA2.[66]

Breast feeding reduces the risk of several types of cancers, including breast cancer.[67][68][69][70] In the 1980s, the abortion–breast cancer hypothesis posited that induced abortion increased the risk of developing breast cancer.[71] This hypothesis was the subject of extensive scientific inquiry, which concluded that neither miscarriages nor abortions are associated with a heightened risk for breast cancer.[72]

Other risk factors include radiation[73] and circadian disruptions related to shift-work[74] and routine late-night eating.[75] A number of chemicals have also been linked, including polychlorinated biphenylspolycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and organic solvents[76] Although the radiation from mammography is a low dose, it is estimated that yearly screening from 40 to 80 years of age will cause approximately 225 cases of fatal breast cancer per million women screened''.[77]

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